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Tanton 42 Express Cruiser





Tanton 42 Express Cruiser


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No. 972

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Benefit of our  experience with the superlative Tanton 36 to take advantage of the introductory construction and price of the new 42.

Lobster/Sport Fishing Boat and Cruiser.

Hull kits start at just $30,900.00. Kit price for Work/Sport fishing boat hull with a standard molded top $50,000.00. Kit price for the Express Cruiser hull with extended custom molded top: $60,000.00

Everything else can be added from there.

We will work with you, from the basic kits package to the finish product with the confidence that this new hull shape is unsurpassed for the travelling yachtsman. We will act as your Naval Architect, Management Firm and Discounter on every possible piece of equipment.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail


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No. 992

Price sheet from the Builder.
Tanton 42. Available: Lobster/Sport Fishing Boat or Cruiser.
Kits include Hull and Deck, Stringers, Main Bulkhead and Crash Bulkhead with watertight Hatch.


Hull: White with Stringers, and Hydrex Resin Barrier coat.
Work/Sport Fishing Boat with a Molded Standard Top.
Cruiser with Extended Custom Molded Top.  (design # 992 tr.)
Molded Dash
Molded Bow Pulpit
Molded Swim Platform
Lifting Rails
Spray Rails and Quarter Guards
Rudder installed
Colored gelcoat 
Engine Installation
Composite Floor System
3/4" Balsa Core Hull
1" Balsa Core Hull



Other options upon request.

Drafting, Supervision, Transportation and not included.
Prices are subject to change without notice.  ( When a deposit is received , the price will remain in effect for one year.)


Here are just a few of the comments received about Tanton from professionals in the trade:

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"Yves-Marie de Tanton is one of the great designers but not exceedingly well known outside the trade. He pioneered the unstayed carbon fiber Cat-Ketch rig. He specializes in the sort of intensely personal custom designs that keep his customers coming back."    S. C. B.

"Yves-Marie is a very talented designer with lots of fresh ideas, a guy worth keeping tabs on."   D. S

"Tanton has designed some of the world’s fastest and most exotic racing yachts. This gives Tanton a most unusual perspective on design features for esoteric cruising boats."  R. H.  P.

"I had the pleasure of working with Yves-Marie when I was on the East coast. I must say that my own drawing style and design approach was markedly influenced by the six months that we worked together. Yves-Marie probably draws the fairest set of lines that I have ever seen. His lines gallery are truly works of art."  B. P.

"Tanton has never been accused of surrendering to convention."  Q. W.

"Tanton has already designed five boats for me and currently designing two more. This speaks for itself."  B.  G.

"Tanton had met the criterion creativity and had offered a highly professional design that would provide a two-person crew a uniquely capable world cruiser."  B. W.

"Un Franšais, Yves-Marie TANTON, s'est installÚ Ó la Mecque des U.S.A. : Newport. Il compte parmi les meilleurs."   G. R-D

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