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Tanton 42 Express Cruiser





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No. 230

DESIGN #230-Coryphene.25ft.

A few short notes.

This aluminum 25 footer is based on a previous boat

Changes implied a lengthening to 25' from 20' and only a slight increase in the beam (3 1/2").

More radical is the dead rise modification from 7 to 18 degrees at the transom. Keeping with the same draft, the solution is to draw a flat wedge on the centerline. This has the advantage to promote planning, without pounding. The vee section is carried outboard and maintained constant for 1/2 of the length.

Stability is achieved in two ways. With a slightly wider plate, but also with an internal water ballast system consisting of a tank and one outlet in the stern. At rest, the low tank fills with water, which is evacuated with any speed.

The freeboard forward has been increased to satisfy the need for a dry boat, while the stern has the role to accommodate the outboard engine. This distance is covered with a curvaceous sheerline, of a pleasant effect.

The deck platform is concentrated around the steering console. Seats are built-in forward. The stern is left for fishing. 

Aluminum centerconsole built by I. Iron Works of Louisiana. Ranging in length from 22 to 32', they are personalized for the buyer. Most changes are in the amount of deadrise to suit the distance and roughness of the seas to the fishing grounds. Cockpit modificationss to suit the owner are also available.



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