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Here are just a few of the many designs by Yves-Marie Tanton mentioned in the catalogue. 

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Here are just a few of the comments received about Tanton from professionals in the trade:

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"Yves-Marie de Tanton is one of the great designers but not exceedingly well known outside the trade. He pioneered the unstayed carbon fiber Cat-Ketch rig. He specializes in the sort of intensely personal custom designs that keep his customers coming back."    S. C. B.

"One of the most productive and innovative designers I have ever found. I have spend already many hours browsing his design, always discover new things that surprise me and regularly return there for fun and meditation ;-) He seems completely open, and his designs are of such an overwhelming diversity that I always wonder how he can give each and every single one so much of his personal touch. There is always and in each design something "tantonesque" that will make you question your own preconceived ideas, it tickles and bothers you, and when you finally discover the reason behind it, you have become a little bit richer.. like us frenchies say: enchanting."  G. D.


"Tanton has designed some of the world’s fastest and most exotic racing yachts. This gives Tanton a most unusual perspective on design features for esoteric cruising boats."  R. H.  P.

"I had the pleasure of working with Yves-Marie when I was on the East coast. I must say that my own drawing style and design approach was markedly influenced by the six months that we worked together. Yves-Marie probably draws the fairest set of lines that I have ever seen. His lines gallery are truly works of art."  B. P.

"Yves-Marie is a very talented designer with lots of fresh ideas, a guy worth keeping tabs on."   D. S



"Tanton has never been accused of surrendering to convention."  Q. W.

"Tanton has already designed five boats for me and currently designing two more. This speaks for itself."  B.  G.

"Tanton had met the criterion creativity and had offered a highly professional design that would provide a two-person crew a uniquely capable world cruiser."  B. W.

"Un Franšais, Yves-Marie TANTON, s'est installÚ Ó la Mecque des U.S.A. : Newport. Il compte parmi les meilleurs."   G. R-D