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As of WINTER 2010, partial list of Boat Plans designed by Tanton





redarrow.gif (838 bytes)EXISTING DESIGNS. Like for most of our designs and Stock Plans (SP), gallery can be modified to suit individual requirements.  Design costs arising from minor revisions of the plans or specifications for an existing design will be performed on a “time and material” basis.  If changes required by the client affect lines or basic structures, the work will not be classified as an “existing design” but will be considered a “new design” and our fee will be adjusted accordingly. Our fee for an “existing design” does not include inspection. If you cannot find specifically what you are looking for, please contact us with your design brief. Maybe we have already designed it but not logged into the catalogue.






redarrow.gif (838 bytes)FULL CONSULTATION privileges are included with these designs.  You may Telephone (401) 847 4112, 
and e-mail  our Design Office  ymt@tantonyachts.com  any time for assistance.

redarrow.gif (838 bytes)DESIGNS.  For the Owner considering new construction, we are in the position to design any type of vessel properly engineered to meet own individual requirements - ALL RIGS - ALL SIZES - ALL MATERIALS.  As an example, the design fee for a 50 to 60' build in the US typically represents 5% of the construction cost or half the normal Brokerage commission to sell a boat of the same value.

redarrow.gif (838 bytes)EQUIPMENT. Boat Buyers/ Owners equipment service.  Until now, we have limited our service to those individuals whom we design and build boats for.  Now, we expand our services to offer every boat owner the ability to order through us at discounts that can run as high as 40-60%.  Having access to large discounts associated with this industry, we now offer gear and equipment, from engines to lifelines systems, from portholes to rigging, at cost plus.  













redarrow.gif (838 bytes)PRICES for Study gallery and Plans are subject to change without notice. All prices in US dollars.

redarrow.gif (838 bytes)PAYMENT. By check, bank draft, postal money order, wire transfer etc.

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redarrow.gif (838 bytes)ALLOW 3 to 4 weeks for deliveries of Stock Plans.


   Notes:  ULDB= ultra light displacement.  Sp= Stock plans.  * = InsTanton = Single chine hull based on a unique angle for bottom and topsides.





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checkred.gif (260 bytes)#256  56' Aluminum day sailer.  Classic look "a la J boat" of another era.  With more or less elaborated interior.  LOA 56' 2.5" x LWL 37'-3.5" x Beam 13'-9" x Draft 7'6" x Displ. 24.573 lbs. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#255  Pen-Gwyn II in aluminum.  (See #882)  Designed for a long time client, the boat is an enlarged version of PG.  The sail boat will feature a gaff rig.   LOA 40'-65/8" x LWL 35'-2 1/4"xBeam 13'-10 3/4" x Draft 48" with Twin Keels.  USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#254  Lobster Yacht 38' Express Cruiser.  First Yacht version for this new model.  Kits or completed boat available.  LOD 38'-0" x Beam 14'-0" x Displ. 18000 lbs.  Power from 220 to 700 hp.  Ask for details.  USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#253  SP.  "Mouse"  19'-6" strip plank or cold molded wood.  Centerboard, 4" draft, sitting headroom.  Cat-Yawl Rig.  0

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#252 SP.  "Whitehead 36'  Folded metal construction.  Steel or Aluminum double ender.  Enclosed Pilothouse is one option.  LOA 36'-5" x LWL 31'-10" x 12'-9" x Draft 4'-6" x Displ. 23100 lbs. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#251  New Design.  "Strong".  Proposed Aluminum cruising boat.  Midship cockpit.  Approx dim.  51x15'.  Ask for lates details.  Partially based on TYD# 20002

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#250  New Design Carbon Fiber Mini Transat.  Ask for latest details. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#249 SP.  "WoodStar"  49' Plywood with strip radius chine.  Fast Cruiser.  Light Displacement sailboat.  Ask for latest details.  LOA 48.63' x LWL 43.397' x Beam 12.73' x Displ. 19816 lbs. x Sail Area 1063.20 Sq/ft. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#248  Sail.  Steel.  Long keel boat with moderate beam and easy lines.  Pilothouse available.  LOA 48'-4" x LWL 41'-10" x Beam 11'-5" x Draft 6'-0" x Displ 35,200 lbs. x 1192 Sq/ft.  ENGLAND

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#247  Design for Meta. Aluminum Strongall power boat with Twin Sail Drive and keels.  Steadying sails.  LOA 11.98M x Beam 3.908M x Draft 0.931M.  Ask for details.  Available in the US.  FRANCE

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#246  Cold-molded wood.  Based on designs #936; #225 and #236.  In a BCC style.  Fast boats for offshore passages with different interiors, rigs, keel plan.  First of its kind, #936 has been built in Turkey, #236 in CA.  LOA 29'-6" x LWL 27'-10" x Beam 10'-4" x Draft 4'11" x Displ. 11887 x Dspl/ 245 x SA. 594 sq. ft. Sa/Displ. 18.18 with a Bermudan cutter rig.   

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#245 New Design. Preliminaries. FRP. Offshore passages training vessel.  A clever interior allows flexibility in a production boat for double purpose cruising and offshoring.  LOA 52'-6" x LWL 51'-1" x D. 9'-6" x Displ. 33280 lbs.  USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#244 SP.  "610" International Design Class.  Plywood or cored glass construction.  LOA 44'-7 5/8" x LWL 32'-6" x Beam 6'-7 1/2" x Draft 6-0" x Displ. on waterline 6900 lbs x Sail Area 610 sq/ft.  USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#243 Cold Molded Plywood Wing Maran. (Single centre hull with lifting side wings). Sort of a Monohull/Trimaran. Loa 24'-0" x Lwl 23'-9' x Beam 48" x Draft 9"CB. board up x Displ. 1075Lbs CB hull.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#242 Aluminum 38'." Moorea" Old fashion cruiser with a single chine. Tailored in the spirit of the "Tahiti Ketch" but with a transom stern. External rudder. Ketch rig. Divided roof. Twin Keels like the earlier steel built "Pen Gwyn". Design #882. Plans US$1,431.00  Loa 37'-11" x Lwl 35'-0" x Beam 12'-11" x Draft C.B 3'-1" x Draft 4'-6" x Displ. 24000Lbs. x Sa 1000 sq/ft

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#241 Aluminum 52' Sloop/Cutter.  Center cockpit. Cruiser stern. Ultimate stability at over 145 Deg.  Loa 15.60M x LWL 12.90M x 4.50M x Displ 17T250 x Sa. 1270 sq/m (100% fore tr. + main ).

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#240 Aluminum. 13M. Sloop/Cutter. New wave cruising style cruising boat.  Loa 42'-8" (13.0M)x Lod 40'-0" (12.20M)x Lwl 40'-0" (12.20M)x Beam 15'-0" (4.57M)x Displ 26170Lbs x (11855Kg)x Draft 5'-0" (1.525-3.048M). Variable Geometry version. Other keel configurations possible.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#239 SP Steel/Aluminum. IMAGIRO. Trunk Cabin top or Raised Deck cutter.  Twin keels and outboard rudder or fin keel.  At 38-6" Imagiro's hull is designed to be built in metal by a folding method.  Better known as "origami".  With the use of thick plating and few internals, the shell part of the building is fast. LOA 38'-5 1/2" x LWL 34'-8 3/4" x Beam 12'-1 1/2" x Displ. 10T 134 x SA. 844 Sq/Ft.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#238 58' Aluminum Tour Boat. For 32 passengers. Tourist trade in Newport Harbor. The second one for the same operator. USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#237 32' Aluminum Trawler. Meta "Strongall" method of Construction for FairMetal Boats Co.  LOA  9.789M x LWL 9.331M x Draft 1.071M x Beam MX. 3.954M x Displ. 6,522 Kg.   USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#236 33' 10M. Cold-moulded wood. Styled like a BC (British Cutter) above the waterline, the sailboat benefits of the same well-known qualities. By demand from the client, the boat is fitted with twin keels and supports a ketch rig.  CALIFORNIA.   LOA 33'-0"; LWL 31'-0"; Beam 11'-8"; DRAFT 4'-3"; DISPL.16638 Lbs. SA. 898 Sq/Ft.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#235 7'; 9'; 11' Nesting dinghy. Two; three pieces Pram and Tender for Design #225.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#234 29' FRP. Lobster Yacht. For the lobsterman, but with accommodation for overnight and plus.  Loa 29'-3"x Beam 10'-6"x Draft 3'-0"

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#233 47' FRP. Cruising sailboat. Classic looking with single handling in mind. Schooner rig. THAILAND   LOA 48'-0" x LWL 39' x Beam 13'-6" x Draft 5'-11". Sister ship to the original "Rachel Slocum".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#232 36'-0" Fiberglass. Fishing version of the 36' Lobster Yacht, (#972) with a single 650 H-P engine. MA.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#231 33' Steel. Single chine. Transom stern, outboard rudder and cutter rig. Long keel offshore boat. With a simple interior and a classic appearance, this boat has been designed to travel. Design updated from #986.   LOA 10.16M; LWL 9.22M; Beam 3.40M; Draft 1.80M; Sail Area 68 Sq/M.                          N-Z

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#230. Aluminum center console power boats from 25 to 32'.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#229  39' Steel.  Folding method of construction for this cutter rigged sailboat.  Several interior designs are available.  The deck has a pilothouse and features two versions for the roof.  Raised deck and or with a trunk cabin.  Below water the profile features a skeg mounted rudder externally attached to the transom.  The twin keels configuration is preferred.  A moderately long central keel is also available.  LOA 39'-6" x LWL 34'-3" x Beam 12'- 5/16" x Draft 4'-11 3/4" 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#228 39' Wood. A "Gentleman's Cruiser". A classic powerboat to bring back the efficiency of a low resistance hull design combined with a moderate power plant. The radius chine hull is tailored for a plywood/cold moulded construction. While the raised deck forward greatly enhance facility in building, it also gives additional volume inside for a comfortable interior.  Loa. 39'-0" x Beam 10'-0" x 3'-0".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#227 40' Steel. Maas Class. Single chine; low powered comfortable motor boat. Ask for information.  Loa 40'-10"x Lwl 37'-0"x Beam 13'-8"x Draft 4'-1 1/2"

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#226 37' Wood. SP.* "Viking" is a Solid double-ended cutter for Offshore cruising. Still a realistic project for the homebuilders. Carvel topsides and cross-planked bottom or Plywood throughout. Steel/Concrete keel. A steel version is also possible.  Loa 37'6" x Lwl. 34'6" x Beam 11'-3" x Draft 5'6" x Dspl. 10T.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#225. 34'. A larger version of Design #936.  For a repeat customer.  Wood construction. A modernized "British cutter" and a fast boat.  LOA 34'-10"; LWL 33'-6"; Beam 12'-6"; Draft 5'. The Classic interior. can be customized. Please ask for details. gallery will be up-loaded as they become available

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#224. "Riptides" restaurant in Newport. Waterfront establishment.  

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#223. Cat Ketch Sail Plan. With carbon spars for design #791 ("Ocean Going VW"). CANADA.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#222. 68' Motor Yacht. Steel. Custom built. Dive boat for Charter work. With 4 Dbl. cabins plus crew. Call or e-mail for details. MEXICO and CANADA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)  #221.  38' Custom Aluminum twin keels cutter. Dbl. Ender. call or e-mail for details. SOUTH AFRICA.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#220. New keel for 47' IMS racer. Newport RI.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#219. 45'-6". Steel cutter for the Artic. To resist  pressure and transverse ice crushing. Variable geometry appendages. With lifting keel and daggerboards. Loa. 45'-6" x Lwl. 43'-9" x Beam 13'8" x Draft Min. 3'-3" x Displ. 17T.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#216. Wood. Utility sailboat based on Commodore's Munroe principles. Shoal draft ketch  with the rare qualities attributed to His type of boat. Adapted for the Florida Strait, the Bahamas and other areas with shallow water. An external ballast keel increases the range to offshore sailing.  Loa. 32'-0" x Lwl.30'-0" x Beam 10'-6" x Base draft 30". Leeboards 4'-6"; Centerboard 6'-6" x Displ.14615Lbs.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#215- Aluminum. Modified long keel cutter. Offering rudder and propeller protections with  minimized wetted surface to enhance performance. Moderate draft is one advantage with increased water and fuel capacity down low to maximize stability.  Loa. 36'-0" x Lwl 33'-4" x Beam 10'-0" x Draft 5'-6" x Displ. 18168Lbs.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#214.  New keel and Rudder for the 73 footer Velos. Design #852. Work to be done at Dencho Marine, CA.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#213  Plywood Sailing pram.  LOA 13'-4" x LWL 11'-5" x Beam 5'-4" x Draft 7" board up; 36" board down.  USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#212. * 59’ Custom Aluminum Tour Boat for 49 passengers. In the same vein as “SightSailer”, design #896. The look is a little more classic, the Deck plan different but with the same long cockpit.  LOD.58.5’x Lwl. 45’ x Beam 15’ xDraft 7’x Displacement 22,400 lbs. USA.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#211. 46' Custom Aluminum Ketch. The 8'th Tanton design for the same  customer. This shallow draft Ketch has twin keels. Flush deck with a small pilothouse.  Intended to be a self-sufficient sailboat.  Emphasis has been on ease of handling and comfort on dock and down below.  The interior has two staterooms with berths for 5 people.  LOD 46' x Beam 14' x Draft 4'11" x Displacement 31,500 lbs.  Offshore boat with live aboard comfort.  Winters in the Bahamas.  Summers in Newport, USA.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#210. *33' SP. Steel "Tahaa Ketch" or cutter. Single chine. Twin keels double- ender. Wheel house.  Lwl. 30'-8" x Beam 10'-0" x Draft 5'-4"x Sail area 1000 sq/ft.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#20009. 40' steel SP. Cat-ketch. An orphan drawing that could be completed. B.13.62' x D.6.25'x Displ.  27775. Radius chine, flush deck, wooden spars. Twenty years after the original "Ocean Going VW".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#20008. Alum. 46' (40'-10" OD)x13'x 2'-9" with  twin engine, tunnel drive. Flying bridge. Custom Design.  USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#20007. Floating barge for bar-restaurant-night club. 130'-0" x 27'-0". USA

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#20006. For Galveston Bay. A 16 passengers sailboat. 49'-0"x 11'-4" x 6'-6". Aluminum construction. CG certified. 

#20005. Tanton-Bay 36 (Lobster Yacht). Derived from design #972 for a couple. MAINE.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#20004. Tanton-Bay 36 Lobster Yacht. This boat has been built in Maine and has been "finished" in ITALY.

#20003  55'/60' Aluminum Cat Ketch.  The owner is postponing this project.  

 checkred.gif (260 bytes) #20002. 50’ Alum. cutter. Wheel house, sunken pilot house. Ask for details. Loa 52’x Lwl 46’8”x Beam 14’x Draft 6’5”. Offshore boat for a couple. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#20001   114' Steel.  Grand Banks Fisherman Schooner.  T boat.  Small Passenger vessel with 10 double cabins.  Beam 25' x Draft 11' 5".  New England summers, South winters.  Beam 25'-0"x Draft 11'-5".  USA

#2000 90' Catamaran.  Composite construction.  Major refit.  Construction gallery and details support. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)# 998 48' Steel.  S.P. * "Antartica" Trawler.  Transom stern.  Passage maker.  Aft cabin.  Loa 47'11" x Beam 14'9" x Draft 5'3" twin keel.  Long keel optional. 
checkred.gif (260 bytes)# 997 32' Ply. *  Simplest offshore Ocean-Cruiser to build with flat panels material.    Loa 32' x Lwl 31' x Beam 8'8" x Draft 6'4" x 12,000 lbs x Sail area 750 sq/ft. 

# 996 23' Alum.* Tug boat.  Tri-Keeler. Prototype to the series of Artica and Antartica trawlers concept.  

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#995  24’ Steel. SP* “Spark”. Tabloid offshore cruiser. Ideal for 1st time welder.    Lwl 24' x Beam 8’9” x Draft 4’11” x 6700lbs x Sail area 500 sq/ft.  


#994  40’ Steel. SP* “Steelstar 40. Single or radius chine aft cockpit cruiser, sloop rig.  Loa.40’0” x Lwl 36’6” x Beam 12’9” x Draft  6’11” x 24.000lbs. x SA. 1150 sq/ft.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#993   73' Steel. Long range Trawler Yacht. Twin Caterpillar. Stand-up engine room. 3 dbl.cabins+ crew.  Loa 72''0' X Beam 21'0" x Draft 6'6" x 81 tons. Ship-like pilothouse with fore and aft side decks.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#992 42' Frp.Tanton-Bay 42 Express Cruiser Lobster boat. Flying bridge. Passage maker. Kits available.   Loa 41'6" xBeam 14'2"xDraft 4'6"x Dspl. 29,000 lbs. A larger, wider version of Design # 972.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#991 15’ Plywood. SP. “FlatCat”. Power catamaran. Tunnel hull. Center console.  Loa 15’6” x Beam 6’11” x Draft 10” x Outboard power 15-100 H-P max. 
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#990 39' Steel. Sp.*. " Artica". Transom stern. Passage maker Power Boat. Midship wheel house. Aft cabin.
Loa. 39'0' x Beam 14'6" x Draft 3''7" (Twin bilge keel). Long keel opt.  Displ. 32.713 lbs.

#989 37’ Steel. SP. Replica of Slocum’s Spray. Kept as original as possible but w/ radius bilge construction. Loa. 36’9” x Lwl. 31’-3” x Beam 14’-0” x Draft 5’0” x Displacement 30.710 lbs.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#988 36' Frp. Picnic Boat version of Design #972.  Kits available.  

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#987 21' Ply. Sp. 21'0"x8'0". HouseBoat

#986 See #231.   32' Steel. Sp. * "Ileana" version of B. Moitessier "Tamata". Transom stern, cuter..  Loa 33'0"xLwl 30'0"xBeam 11'6"xDispl.15440lbs.xDraft 6'-0"x SA.900 sq/ft. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#985 36' Frp. Fly-bridge version of Design #972.

#984 39' Ply/glass. Sp.* Sea-Eel. Junk rig. Shallow draft coastal cruiser.  Twin Board.
Loa.39'0"xLwl.35'0"xBeam 10'0"xDraft 12"xDispl.12,043lbs.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#983 50' Steel. Sp. Steelstar Mk2. Single chine fast cruiser.  Midship or aft cockpit. Loa.50'0"xLwl.46'6"xBeam12'6"xDraft 7'2"x32,000lbs.
#982 43' Frp. Study. Modification to the yacht Carina; a Tanton 43 design #793

#981 49' Steel/Alum. Freighter yacht. 49'0"x45'0"x6'0"x 64,000lbs with bulb bow, a substantial vessel.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#980 30' Ply/glass. Sp. * Sea-Egret. Ultra shallow draft. Junk rigged cruiser.
Loa.31'0"xLwl 28'0"x8'0"xDraft 13"/4'6"x8500lbs. SA.600sq/ft.

#979 29' Alum. Sp. "Origami" (folding method of construction). Sloop rig. 
Loa.29'0"xBeam.9'0'xDraft 5'0'xDispl.8500lbs. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#977 28' Wood. Sp."Search". Trailer able weekender. Inboard power. Entrant WoodenBoat competition.  Plans have been completed for a client in Atlanta, GA.  

Loa 28'xLwl 27'x8'-6"x18".  Please inquire.

#976 50' Alum. Tour boat, 34 passengers. Dual cockpits. Sloop rig. Coast Guard certified, USA

#975 75' Steel/Alum. World cruiser. Motor/Sailer/Motor Yacht. 75'0"x21'0"x8'0". 
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#974 12' Alum. Sp. Pram. Loa.12'xBeam 5'0".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#973 49' Frp. Catamaran Powerboat. 4 double staterooms.  Conversion.  Addition of a fishing cockpit.  

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#972 36' Frp. Down East cruiser. 36'0"x12'8"x17000lbs. Power 220/430HP. Kits available.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#971 20' Alum. Sp. Skiff 20'0'x8'0"x2000lbs. Center console. New build available. 30' Alum. Deep-Vee Offshore machine.  30'x10".  With (2) 225 H-P.  50 miles/hr in 6 foot seas (if you can take it).  New construction available. 

#970 42’ Wood. SP. Strip planking. Leeboards. Easily handled ketch rig. A” Bahamas” explorer.  Loa. 42’0” x Lwl.31’0” x Beam 12’0” x 31” x 10T. Ketch rig.






checkred.gif (260 bytes)#966 160’ O.A. Alum. Passenger vessel.w/ 22 double cabins. Conversion of a two-masted to a  three-masted schooner by adding 44’ 51/2” to the middle body and increasing the beam by 3’-0”. USA.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#965   50' Steel. Cat-Ketch cruiser with hard-top. Midship cockpit, aft cabin. Radius chine building technique. 
Loa.50'0"xLwl.45'0"xBeam 13'3"xDraft8'0"xDispl.33000lbs.. FRANCE

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#964 63' Copper-Nickel sloop/cutter.  Flush with pilot-house, inside steering. Radius chine building technique.
Loa.63'0"xLwl.x57'9"xDraft 8'0"xDispl.54000lbs x SA 1,775 sq/ft.  USA

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#963 84' Frp. Classic "Skerry" cruiser. Yawl rig.3 double cabins.  Beautifully fast and of ultimate class.   84'0"x61'0"x16'0"x9'0"x30T. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#962 41' Frp. 7000lbs. Weekender sloop. Dagger bulb 5' to 9'6".  LOA 41'6" x LWL 28'6" x Beam 12'0" x Draft 5' to 9'6" x Displ. 5,000 lbs (light). 
#961 35' Steel. Sp. Soft bilge, long keel. Norwegian gaff cutter "Australe".   Based on design No. 895-895C.  Loa.35'0"xLwl.30'8"xBeam 11'0"xDraft 5'0"xSA.800sq/ft.  Gaff Rig. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#958 35' Alum. Sp. Double-Chine Cat-Sloop. This 35 was designed as an honest performance cruising boat with the primary criteria being maximum comfort in a minimum sized boat. For short handed cruising and living aboard.  Loa 35'x Lwl 29'-2"x Beam 12'-6"x Draft. 4'-10", 5'-6", or 6'-0". Displ. 14,000lbs. Ballast 6,000. Sail Area 723 sq/ft. 

#954  44' Steel SP.  Scaled-up Slocum's Spray reproduction.  Radius bilge.  Midship wheel house.  Aft cabin.  Loa 44'0" x Lwl. 36'3" x Beam 14'0" x Draft 5'10". 

#953 52' Alum. Pilot-house cutter handled by two. 52'x16.5'x7'x50000lbs.

#952 17' Wood SP. "L'ill Rooster"  Mini tug, 6 knots, inside steering station. Heavy displacement. Loa.17'6"xLwl.16'0"xBeam.7'4"xDraft 2'7"xDisplacement. 4500lbs. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#951 55' Frp. Cutter "Maya", round stern. Full size patterns.  Sister ship hull to design #792.  Draft 6'6".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#950 49' Frp. 110% Sailer, 110% Motor. Pilot-house, inside steering.  Draft 5'10"  LOA 48'6" x LWL 42'9" x Beam 16'3" x Draft 5'10" x Displ. 38,570 lbs. x Sail A. 1116 sq/ft. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#946 31' Ply. Sp.*."Sea-Shell". Coastal and limited offshore cruiser, dagger-boards, gaff rig. 6'4" headroom.  Loa 30'11" x Lwl 27'0" x Beam 9'9' x Draft 2'0"/ 5'3" x SA 520 sq/ft. x Displacement 9000lbs (light) 12000lbs.fully loaded.

#945 34' Frp. Pointed stern, fast, classic cruising sloop. Separate rudder.  Lead keel.  Loa 33'11" x Lwl 27'5" x Beam 10'4" x Draft 5'1" x SA 550 sq/ft. 

#944 31' Wood. Sp.* "Stubby". Transom stern.  Pilothouse cutter.  Heavy, classic constr.
Loa.31'0" x Lwl.26'0"xBeam 12'0" x Draft5'6" x Displ. 16,000lbs.xSA.626 sq/ft.
#943 43' Wood or Steel. Sp.* French Pilot cutter. Gaff rig. Fast, able and seakindly. Loa.42'11"xLwl.37'11'xBeam 14'6"xDraft 6'6"xDispl. 38,000lbs.xSA 1,400sq/ft.
http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#942 34' Steel Sp.* Raised deck, transom stern, hard dodger. Modern cutter.

Loa 34'0"xLwl.32'1'xBeam 10'8"xDraft 6'0"xDispl.20000lbs. Headroom 6'5".
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#941 22' Ply. Sp.* Beach cruiser " Summer Afternoon". Sharpie schooner. Large rowing cockpit. Loa.22'7" x Lwl.20'9" x Beam 6'2" x Draft 1'5"xSA 241sq/ft.xDispl.2240lbs.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#940 34' Ply. Sp.*. Centerboard ketch "Seaweed". Coastal Cruiser. 
Loa.34'0'xLwl.31'4'xBeam 12'0"xDraft 2'3'/6'0'xSA 610sq/ft.xDispl.fully loaded 17000lbs. 

#937 38' Ply. SP.  Radius chine hull construction.  Round bilge appearance and performance advantages.  Loa 37'9" x Lwl 34'10" x Beam 11'2" x Draft 7'4" x Displacement 10,862 lbs x SA 700 sq/ft. 
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#936 26' Wood. Sp. Trailerable British Channel Cutter, offshore capable, full headroom. 
Loa.25'113/4"xLwl.25'0"xbeam 8'5"xDraft 4'10'xSA.597sq/ftxDispl. 8500lbs.light.    (BCC Offshore version  Beam 9'6", Displacement 9.000 lbs.)  TURKEY

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#934 43' Alum. * Coastal cruiser sloop. Bilge keels. Stern drive.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#933 45' Frp. Tanton 45 with a carbon fiber mast for a sloop/cutter rig. Draft 5'0".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#932 32' Wood or steel. Single chine Falmouth Quay Punt, Gaff rig.   LOA 35' x LWL 35' x Beam 11' x Draft 6' x Displ. 20,000 lbs x SA 1274 sq/ft. 
#931 50' Composite. Fast custom catamaran. Sloop rig. Limited accommodation.

#925 52' Frp. Tayana 52. Custom styling and interior.

#924 30' Ply. Sp. Half-size Vendee Globe racer. P.H.R.F handicap racer.
Loa.x30'0'x10'0"x Draft 7'0"Displ. 2700 lbs.x7'0"  

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#923 30' Steel. Sp."Tonnerre". Double ended soft chine ketch/yawl. Twin keel. Loa.30'8"xLwl.27'0"xBeam 11'3"xDraft 4'3"xDispl. 18000lbs.xSA634 sq/ft.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#922 30' Ply. Sp.*. Fast sloop. Cruiser-Racer for 4. Low cost material and construction.
Loa.30'8"xLwl.27'0'xBeam 9'9"xDraft 5'11"xDispl. 5,500 lbs.xSA 550sq/ft.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#921 67' Alum. Pilot-House cutter. "Born of Water". Carbon mast, trim tab.  Loa.67'0"xLwl.64'0"xBeam 16'9"x Draft 6'7"xDispl.64000lbs. x SA1755 sq/ft. USA

#920 40' Alum. Power catamaran.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#912 85' Wood. Motor yacht. Deep vee.   

#902 70' Frp. Cat-Schooner. Cruiser. Bilge centerboards. Tuna tower.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#901 37' Frp. I.M.S cruiser racer. "Sea-Horse".

 #900 36' Steel. SP.*. "Success". Frameless construction. Flush deck. Spritsail or gaff rig.  Loa.35'10"xLwl.29'9"xBeam 12'3"xDraft 4'9"xDispl.10TxSA 728sq/ft.
http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#896 46' Alum. *. "SightSailer". Day sailer. C.G certified for 16 passengers.
Loa.46'2'xLwl. 40'0"xBeam 11'2"xDraft 6'9"xDispl. 13,000lbs.x SA1,000sq/ft.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#895 33' Steel. Sp. "Green Peace". Double ended soft chines gaff cutter, Twin keels.
Loa.33'3"xLwl.28'9'xBeam 11'1"xDraft 4'3"xDispl.19000lbsxSA792sq/ft.xballast 6600lbs.
Including  #895'C. with a British Channel Cutter rig.

#894 24' Frp. Sp. Sloop-Cat, water-ballast. Day weekender-sailer. Carbon mast  Loa. 23'11" x  Lwwl.  22'7"x Beam 8'6" x Draft  2'8"x Displ.1600/3200lbs .x SA 394 sq ft.

#893 46' Steel. Pilot-House cutter, fore and aft cabin. Round bilge.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#892 "42' Wood.  Classic cold molded double ended cutter with bowsprit.  The 175 miles a day cruising boat.  Fast and comfortable.  Interior can be customized.  

#891 55' Frp. Cat-Ketch cruiser. Draft 6'7". Carbon fiber spars.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#884 60' Alum. Flush deck Cat-Ketch cruiser. Carbon fiber spars. Wing keel.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#883 50' Steel. Ps.*. Steelstar 50 scaled down from #872. Midship cockpit cruiser. Loa.50'0"xLwl 46'0"xBeam 12'10"xDraft 7'2"xDispl. 25,854lbs.xBallast 8,500lbs. 
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#882 38' Steel. Ps. "Pen Gwyn". Single chine double ended ketch. Twin keels .Loa.38'1"xLwl.32'11" x Beam12'4 1/2"xDraft 3'6"xDispl.28,000lbs.x Ballast 8,000lbsx SA 735 sq/ft.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#881 21' Frp. Sp. Sloop-Cat, water ballast. Day-wek-ender-sailer. Carbon mast.    (See #894). 

#874   65' Wood.*.Sloop. Reverse sheer, flush deck, midship cockpit.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#873  43’ Frp. Production pilot-house. Cutter. Loa 43'-2" (13.16M)xLwl 37'-7" (11.46M)x Beam 13'-1 1/2" (4.00M)x Draft 6'-0" (1.83M)x Displ. 28.216Lbs (12789Kg)Full load.x Ballast 9267Lbs (4212Kg)x Sail Area 865 Sq/Ft (80.34 Sq/M). Engine: From 50 H.P; Water 170 US Gals ; Fuel 150 US Gals

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#872  60' Steel/ply or alum deck. Sp."Steelstar". Single chine, light displacement cruiser. Midship-cockpit.  Loa.60'0" x Lwl.55'8" x Beam 12'7 1/2'xDraft 7'10"xDispl.26,300lbs. x Ballast 8,500lbs.xSA1515sq/ft.
SA/D 27.39, D/L 68.
http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#871 47' Composite, epoxy/Kevlar. "Tania". Wing keel. Cruising cutter.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#861 50' Steel. Pilot-House, midship cockpit cutter. Round bilge construction. 

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#852 73' Composite. " Velos". ULDB. Carbon, Kevlar, oven baked prepreg Maxi.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#851 47' Composite. " Rachel Slocum". Kevlar/epoxy. Wing keel.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#846  41' Frp.  Double ender.  Midship cockpit.  Offshore cruiser.  Sloop/cutter rig.  Loa 40'6" x Lwl 36'0" x Beam 13'6" x Draft 5'6" x Displacement 26,000 lbs. 
#845 12' Frp. Sport catamaran for:"Eta Carina" co.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#844 85' Alu. Motor/Sailer ketch. Lwl.70'5"xBeam 19'8"xDraft 7'0". 4 dbl cabins+crew.

#843 40' Wood. Day sailor, lifting keel. 100 H-P outboard in cockpit. Strip planking. Sloop.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#842 45' Frp. Production. Double ended Cat-Ketch cruiser. Carbon fiber spars.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#841 39' Frp. Double ender.  Cat Ketch cruiser.  Carbon fiber spars. 

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#834 66' Frp. "Magie-Noire".  Charter boat.  Free standing wing masts, wing keel, and water ballast.  LOA 68'-7", 20.9M x Lwl 61'-5"; 18.70M x Beam 15'-0", 4.6M x Draft 8'-6", 2.6M x Sa 1722 sq. ft., 160 sq/m Displ. Light 31000 lbs; 16T

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#833 55' Frp. "Revenge". Cruising sloop.

#832 27' Steel. Sp. Cat boat with free standing mast. Soft chines. Full headroom. Loa.27'0'xLwl.24'2"xBeam 10'91/2'xDraft 3'113/4"xDispl.8500xSA 475sq/ft.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#831 150' Alum. Ketch with elevator pad for helicopter "landing". Lwl.122'xBeam 30'4"xDraft 13'.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#824 39' Alum."Star Cruiser". Triple chine sloop. Flush deck, small pilot-house.
Loa.39'0"xLwl.33'0'xBeam 14'0"xDraft 5'6"xDispl.18,500lbs.xSA 850sq/ft.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#823 38' Frp. Cruising sloop.  Loa 38'11" x Lwl 33'4" x Beam.  12'9" x Draft 4'11" x Displacement 19,200 lbs.  

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#822 43' Frp. Production double ended Pilot-House. Cutter rig. Aft cabin. Draft 6'0"

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#821 35' Steel. Sp. "Tahiti Revisited". Double chine Cat-Ketch. T. Hermanson built.
Loa.35'0"xLwl.29'2 1/2"xBeam 12'6"xDraft 5'6"xDispl.16,000lbs.x Ballast 5,500lbs.
#814 12' Frp. Windsurfer." Z" board.

#813 73' Frp. "Catalina". Centerboard ketch for Charter.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#812 42' Steel. Sp. Double chine, pilot-house cat-ketch. Flush deck. Loa.42'4"xLwl.34'11"xBeam 13'7"xDraft 5'6'xDispl. 22,848lbs

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#811 44' Frp. Production CT 44. Double ended cruiser. Cutter rig.

#810 93' Steel/Alum. Lwl.75'4"xBeam 21'2"xDraft 10'0". Classic schooner for charter work. 6dbl.cabins.

#806 50' Steel. Series of lobster boats for Bahamian fisheries.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#805 50' Alum. Triple chine sloop. Pilot-House cruiser. Shallow draft.

#804 82' wood. "Ia Orana". Brigantine schooner based on Ticonderoga and Varua

#803 61' Composite. Flush deck. Fast cruiser-racer. Full size patterns.

#802 65' Alum. Double chine cruiser schooner. Carbon spars. Retractable keel.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#801 60' Alum. Triple chine ULDB. BOC. Cruiser/racer. Water ballast. Double rudder.  Sloop rig.  Displ. 20,160lbs.
Loa.60'0"xLwl.56'0"xBeam 15'0".
#794 24'/32' Alum. Sp. Skiff power boat. "Origami" method of construction.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#793 43' Frp. Production. Tanton 43 Cat-Ketch cruiser. Carbon fiber spars. Draft 5'0".

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#792 55' Frp. Cruising ketch "Adelaide E." Designed and built for a paraplegic in a wheel chair.
Loa.54'9"xLwl.50'xBeam 15'10"xDraft 7'6"x Displ. 30,794 lbs.x SA.1,226 sq/ft.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#791 37' Steel or Alum. Sp. Tanton 37/Ocean Going VW.. Triple chine Cat-Ketch.
Loa.36'8"xLwl.32'6"xBeam 13'11"x Draft 5'6"xSA 852sq/ft.
checkred.gif (260 bytes)#784 39' Wood. "Buckle Up". Cold molded, fractional rig. One-Tonner.

#783 26' Frp. Custom day sailer.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#782 40' Frp. "Special edition". One-Tonner.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#781 50' Frp. International 50. ULDB. Masthead sloop. Displacement 16000lbs.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#777 57' Frp. " Desperado". ULDB. Displ. 20000bs.  Fractional sloop.

#776 60' Frp. Centerboard sloop.

#775 31 Wood. " Strawflower". Cold molded Half-Tonner.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#774 10' Frp. Dyer DT. Single-handed racing dinghy for the Anchorage Co.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#773 67' Wood. " Circus Maximus". ULDB 22400lbs. Full size patterns.

#772 60' Frp. " Anitra" Designed for the Around the world race.

#771 32' Wood. " Katchina". Cold molded Half-Tonner.

#765 21' Wood. Mini-Ton. Cold molded sloop.

#764 42' Wood. Bilge board racer. Two-Tonner.

checkred.gif (260 bytes)#763 42' FRP. " Scaramouche". IOR racer. Full size patterns.

#762 42' Wood. 'Black Gold" Flush deck. Two-Tonner.

#761 28' Wood. " Woodwind". Cold molded MORC racer. Fractional rig. Goetz built.

#755 25' Frp. " Pantaia". 1/4 Tonner cruiser racer.

#754 38' Alum. " Epee". IOR racer.

#753 36' Frp. One-Tonner.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#752 38' Frp. Long keel, double ended cruiser. Cutter rig.

#751 26' Frp. 1/4 Tonner.

#750 144' Steel/Alum. Modern staysail schooner.

#745 24' Frp. "Clavier" 1/4 Tonner.

#744 38' Alum. " Love Machine". IOR racer. Palmer Johnson built.

#743 37' Alum." Marrakesh Express". One-Tonner. Palmer Johnson built.

http://www.tantonyachts.com/checkred.gif#742 42' Frp. Midship cockpit cruiser.

#741 36' Wood. One-Tonner.

#740 37' Alum. One-Tonner.

#733 30' Frp. Production sloop.

#732 36' Frp. Production One-Tonner.

#731 36' Wood. One-Tonner

#724 41' Wood. A.C racer.

#723 40' Wood. A.C racer.

#722 45' Wood. A.C racer.

#721 44' Wood. Admiral's Cup racer.

#713 65' Alum. Flush deck racing sloop

#712 128' Frp. Three-masthead schooner. ULDB.

#711 43' Frp. Two-Tonner.






Here are just a few of the comments received about Tanton from professionals in the trade:



blarrowdwn.gif (875 bytes)








blarrowdwn.gif (875 bytes)




"Yves-Marie de Tanton is one of the great designers but not exceedingly well known outside the trade. He pioneered the unstayed carbon fiber Cat-Ketch rig. He specializes in the sort of intensely personal custom designs that keep his customers coming back."    S. C. B.

"One of the most productive and innovative designers I have ever found. I have spend already many hours browsing his design, always discover new things that surprise me and regularly return there for fun and meditation ;-) He seems completely open, and his designs are of such an overwhelming diversity that I always wonder how he can give each and every single one so much of his personal touch. There is always and in each design something "tantonesque" that will make you question your own preconceived ideas, it tickles and bothers you, and when you finally discover the reason behind it, you have become a little bit richer.. like us frenchies say: enchanting."  G. D.





"Tanton has designed some of the world’s fastest and most exotic racing yachts. This gives Tanton a most unusual perspective on design features for esoteric cruising boats."  R. H.  P.

"I had the pleasure of working with Yves-Marie when I was on the East coast. I must say that my own drawing style and design approach was markedly influenced by the six months that we worked together. Yves-Marie probably draws the fairest set of lines that I have ever seen. His lines gallery are truly works of art."  B. P.

"Yves-Marie is a very talented designer with lots of fresh ideas, a guy worth keeping tabs on."   D. S






"Tanton has never been accused of surrendering to convention."  Q. W.

"Tanton has already designed five boats for me and currently designing two more. This speaks for itself."  B.  G.

"Tanton had met the criterion creativity and had offered a highly professional design that would provide a two-person crew a uniquely capable world cruiser."  B. W.

"Un Français, Yves-Marie TANTON, s'est installé à la Mecque des U.S.A. : Newport. Il compte parmi les meilleurs."   G. R-D



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